Instant SIMULTANEOUS replying

The only app for replying questions SIMULTANEOUSLY

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What is SIMUL?


Instantly viewing opinions as soon as you expressed yours.


You can view opinions iff you have already expressed yours, same as for others, to be independent yet creative.


Sharing opinion with peers or in groups instantly yet SIMULtaneously.

How to SIMUL?


Asking a SIMUL

Those kind of questions that is important who replies first

Asking a topic to obtain individual's opinions simultaneously without your opinion affecting others and vice versa.

The topic can vary from asking the favorite food of others to asking for how they enjoyed something, or you name it.

To ask a SIMUL, simply TURN ON the SIMUL button by clicking on the SIMUL logo, and ask your SIMUL Question.


Replying a SIMUL

To see independent opinions of others regarding the asked topic, you need to express your opinion first.

To see the opinions of others, simply click on the asked SIMUL and express yours.

Once you replied a SIMUL you will instantly see the independent opinions for that SIMUL.


SIMUL Comments

View all the independent opinions fairly

View the SIMUL question and replies all in one place together with meta info.

On top is SIMUL Question and follows by SIMUL responses in order of their response time.

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    The app is completely free. All you need is a valid phone number for verification.

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    Simply invite your peers to start exchanging SIMULs

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    See independent opinions SIMULtaneously and improve indivudual creativity


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Instant SIMUL?

Instant SIMUL is for those kind of questions, that is crucially important who should reply first?
Since the first replier can heavily influence and change the subsequent replies. Instant SIMUL eliminates this influence by letting all the users reply SIMULtaneously! Including the person who has asked the question.

How can I use Instant SIMUL?

simply turn on SIMUL and ask your question. Then you and any person(s) whom you added to that conversation can reply your question by clicking on the SIMUL box. Once a person wrote his/her opinion, can access to the others' opinion instantly.

When should I use Instant SIMUL?

Whenever you want independent opinions from your partner or friends, wihtout your opinion influencing their opinions.

How much does it cost?

It is a completely free app to increase creativity and independent thinking.

Instant SIMUL app showcase


Example of Instant SIMULtaneous Commenting in a group

In a group SIMUL, all the members can ask a SIMUL topic/question, to exchange opinions over the asked question SIMULtaneously. In order to see others SIMUL responses, everyone in the group needs to answer the question first, including the person who asks the question.

Reliability rating


The ratio of trustworthiness of users when replying a SIMUL question, from 1 to 5 ⭐️. You can rate the RELIABILITY of users in their profile, and checking your own RELIABILITY’s rating in your own profile.


Ubiquitous, available for download everwhere


Let's together improve our individual creativites